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Adoption In Louisiana

Life’s journey to parenthood is not always traditional.  We may find the path to our heart’s desires through unexpected means.   Many adoptive parents come to realize that biological birth is not the only way to build a loving family and make an impact on the world.  Adoption of a child is selfless act that positively impacts the adoptive parents, the child and the family.  
In the United States, nearly every person has been impacted by adoption in some way.   Most of us know someone who has benefited from adoption, either within our own families, our friends or neighbors.  While the benefits are widespread, they are as unique to each of us as the child that is chosen.
As in most circumstances, the most important step is to make the decision to begin the adoption process.  This begins by making your family, friends and colleagues aware of your decision.  The next step is to gather as much information as possible.  As in all of life’s endeavors, preparation and information is crucial.  It is important to gather as much information as possible about the adoption process – the personal, social and legal ramifications of this life changing decision will have a direct impact on the nature and success of the process of adoption.
Adoption, while personal and emotional, is a legal proceeding conducted in a court of competent jurisdiction.  The court is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that available children are placed into safe and suitable homes.  A final decree of adoption creates a new family.  The best interest of the child is a primary consideration.  A judge must be confident that the child will be entrusted to a safe and secure situation.  From the point of the final decree, an adopted child is deemed the legitimate child of the adoptive parents.
Regardless of type, adoption records are confidential and the information contained therein may not be disclosed absent authorization of law or court order.  Louisiana law provides for three types of adoption – Agency, Private, and Intra Family.
Any single person, married or single who has reached the age of eighteen may petition the court to adopt a child that is available for adoption.  Louisianan law is well settled that it is in the best interest of a child for the adoptive process to proceed expeditiously and without unreasonable delay.
Louisiana courts are authorized to issue a final decree of adoption in a single hearing once all legal requirements are met, and the court is satisfied that the child’s physical and emotional needs will be met and a successful parent-child relationship is clear.  
When a qualified individual or couple has embarked upon the adoption process and prepared themselves properly, with the help of competent legal counsel they will find the process both organized and unproblematic.  Once complete families are formed and people are free to begin a journey that brings new meaning to their lives accompanied by feelings of satisfaction.  Adopted children are moved into a safe and secure life that is filled with previously unimagined opportunities.  When families open their homes and lives to newly adopted children, this act should be celebrated.  
For more information please consult an attorney who is experienced in the areas of  juvenile law and adoptions.  You may wish to visit the websites listed below to gain valuable information while you consider embarking upon the process of adoption for your family.
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